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Q: Is your apartment equipped with sheets, pillows and blankets?
A:Sheets, pillows, blankets and covers for them you will find in our apartments when you arrive. Please, take with yourselves towels.

Q: Do you have parking place for our car near the apartments?
A:Yes, for each apartment is reserved one parking place near the road under the house with apartments.

Q: When can we arrive in the apartment (check in) and when should we departure (check out) from the apartment?
A:You can arrive in the apartment on the first day of the period for which you reserved apartment after 13 hours and departure is between 9 and 10 hours in the morning of the last day of your vacation in our apartments. Other possibilities depends about the time of arrive and departure of other guests in the same apartment.

Q: Do you have baby bed or we must take our baby bed with ourselves?
We have one baby bed and if it isn't reserved for somebody else we can prepare it for you.

Q: Are the pictures of the beach on your web site real from the beach under your house and apartments?
A:Yes, the pictures of the beach and all other photos on our web site are real from the beach under our house-apartments, around and inside our apartments.

Q: Has the apartment it's own entrance and terrace or common entrance or part of terrace with other apartment?
A:Each our apartment has it's own entrance and each terrace is for only one apartment.

Q: When we come on your parking place to whom can we ask for arriving in for us reserved apartment?
A:Mr and Mrs Vidovic are persons which will show you apartment and give you the key of the apartment. They live in the first house (in the sight from the road) on the first floor. Till them you can come with about 20 stairs which are situated on the right side of the first house (in the sight from the road) and then on the left side till the door.

Q: We have boat. Do you have something for holding boat in the sea under the house (anchorage)?
A:Yes, about 20 meters from the coast we have stone in the sea and 'bova'(anchorage) for holding the boat in the sea through the summer. It could be OK for smaller boats. About that question we must speak before your arriving (about eventual reservation of anchorage-'bova' in the sea). For greater boats in the place Murter exists marina (about 2,5km by road from our apartments).

Q: Do you have in your apartments air-condition?
A:No, we have not in our apartments air-condition.