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>> The southwestern coastline is predominantly steep slopes divided by many sandy coves. The island Murter has lots of rocky beaches, as well as several sandy ones. ( Vacation Murter ). Island Murter is situated in the North Dalmatia between towns Zadar and Sibenik only 3 hours driving from the Croatian capital city Zagreb with which is connected with 290 km new and modern highway and 30 km local roads.). Island Murter is connected to the mainland with the bridge in the town of Tisno. There are 4 small touristic towns on the island Murter: Betina, Murter, Tisno and Jezera.
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>> The Vidović family apartments are on the island of Murter, the pearl of the Central Adriatic, facing the Kornati islands.
>> You will have an unforgatable holiday in large, new apartments close to the sea, with the view of the Kornati islands and with many facilities and natural beauties of the island of Murter. ( Accommodation Murter )
>> Our Apartments in Murter are situated in 2 houses, one behind other, 30 or 50 meters from the sea. The apartments are large, new and with satellite TV. Very attractive are terraces with a view of the Kornati islands. In front of the apartments there is a playground 11x8 meters. Further there is a beach. It is 2000 meters away from centar of city Murter. ( Accommodation on Island Murter )

>>  The island Murter is in the northwest part of the Šibenik archipelago, separated from the mainland by a 20 meter wide sea canal at Tisno which is spanned by a 37 meter draw-bridge. The island Murter covers an area of about 18.7 km2, and the highest point is the peak of Raduč at 125 meters above sea level. ( Vidović apartments Murter )

Murter tennis centar: tennis school, individual tennis lessons, group tennis lessons, children's tennis nursery , competition program and training, family tennis program, weekend lessons.
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>> Murter has been settled even during prehistorical times, which confirms the remains and ruins of the old Roman town Colentium.The larger part of the island Murter is covered with old olive and fig trees which are the main traditional cultures of the domestic population. The island Murter is also known as the Gate of Kornati cause of the closeness of the National park which makes this place even more attractive. Second National park "Krka" is also nearby. Slanica, Kosirina, Podvrške, Čigrađa are just a few of many beautiful sand beaches in the area.

The Culture and Historical Sites of Murter

>> The continuity of the town Murter reaches from the antique period during which there existed an iliric - roman settlement, Colentum, which is confirmed by the archeological findings from that period near Gradina and the small island Mali Vinik. Today name Murter is in use since 1715 while back in the 13th century it was known as Velo selo and in the 16th and 17th it was known under the name Srimač. The parish is mentioned in 1298, and in the 15th century it included the islands Žirje and Zlarin.

>> Betina, which was formed in the meantime, belonged to the parish till 1640. The oldest church in the settlement is the church of the Lady of Gradina, which is the 3rd church built in the same place and probably reaches to the antique period. It takes on it's todays shape in the 18th century. The begining of the construction of the todays church, the church of St. Mihovil, is hard to place, but it is presumed that the foundation was layed down between 1470 and 1470 when Margarita Dragoević, whose family had patronige over the parish, declares in her will the construction of a chappel in Velo Selo and in that purpose she leaves some funds. Today there is no sign of that chappel, beacuse it was reconstruced and restored several times. The last significent recostruction was done in 1770 (the date on the facade) and in 1847 it takes on the today look in 1964. Especialy intresting is the barok church altar made by the Del Aqua brothers in 1779 and the gothic statue of the Mother of God.

>> On the hill above the village there is an oath church of St. Rok from 1760. build as votive church beacuse of pestilence epidemic. In the parish there worked a group of glagolitics until 1907, when they were substituted with a Latin parish. The log of birth started in 1635. It is interesting that in the middle ages all the communiqué between the people and the parish was written in native language, because the local residents didn?t speak neither Italian or Latin.

>> Written documents tell us of an existence of brotherhoods, and so in 1626 we know of the existence of the brotherhood of St. Mihovil, which exited before that time as well. In the parish are also kept the artifacts from the brotherhood of The Holy Spirit from 1753 and St. Mihovil from 1764.

>> The parish territorially integrates the islands of Kornati, on the island of Kornat there is a church of St. Mary which was built inside an early Christian basilica (20x13m). In the town of Murter there is one of the earliest open libraries in Dalmatia, open in 1866.

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